Poetry and Music

The Music Salon, 11 Walton St, Waltham, MA

Mary Crowe (vocals) and Evelyn Harris (piano) explore the relationship between  language and music with poetry readings followed by art song settings of those poems. Poetry by Frost, Dickinson, Agee, James, Yeats  etc with settings by Aaron Copland and Samuel Barber.

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"You Can Hear Their Dreams"

Lincoln Library, 3 Bedford Rd., Lincoln, MA

Staged Reading from Dylan Thomas' radio play "Under Milkwood" that describes 24 hours in the life of the eccentric characters that inhabit a Welsh fishing town.Delightful, hilarious and moving.



You Can Hear Their Dreams

Concord Library, 129 Main St, Concord, MA

Adapted from Dylan Thomas' iconic radio play "Under Milkwood", this staged reading  describes 24 hours in the lives of the eccentric characters that inhabit  a fictional  Welsh fishing town. Delightful, hilarious and moving.